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SIA Audeju Darbnica is a family company, made by Ziedonis and Inara Abolini.

Our company is located in Kuldiga, which is the pearl of Kurzeme, Latvia’s western region.

The pride of Kuldiga is the ancient brick bridge across the River Venta (1873-1874) and the old town that is rich in traditions of history and culture. The historical center of Kuldiga is an architecture monument with its original 17th - 18th century buildings, narrow streets and tiled roofs. Here you will feel the unique atmosphere of ancient times and see the charm of a Latvian town which is unlike any other place in Latvia.

Right now the building where our company is located is under reconstruction. However, in the near future we hope to open the door to the weaving workshop, which would be a wonderful attraction for all Kuldiga guests. We would like to create a small gallery where our guests would be able to see our textiles as well as get acquainted with the weaving process itself.

We produce high quality handmade fabrics like linen tablecloths and runners, wool blankets and scarves, various types of belts of national costumes, bookmarks (with the name woven into or with patterns), garter, fabric for national costumes and other textiles.

Every textile made in our company is handmade and therefore unique, and made with love.

We are attending numerous fairs and exhibitions in different countries, including, fairs in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Germany. For many years we have been participated in Hansa days. But the most important thing is that we are proud that our products are highly appreciated in your homes, hotels, galleries and other places worldwide.

It is possible to create a private order where you can choose the color and pattern that fits better for you. Some fabrics have a standard size that is easier to weave. But we also make private bookings, where we fit in the customers’ needs. The price depends on your order.

So do not hesitate to contact us.



Textile artists Ziedonis and Inara Abolini